Everyone has the ability to communicate with their loved ones on the Other Side, if the know how to do it.

Jane's Book

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Jane Book

Jane Dawson's world was turned upside down when her much loved father died of cancer during her pregnancy with her youngest child.

However three months later, during the birth of her son, Jane's father showed up to assure her that all was well and to prove that he was still very much alive ... .in another dimension.

Since that incredible meeting of spirits - Jane in this world, her father in another and her unborn son between the two, Jane has been able to see into people's souls and to connect with their loved ones who've passed, their personal spirit helpers and Angels.

Now an internationally loved Spirit Communicator, speaker and teacher, Jane has discovered a little known truth - that we are all able to communicate with our loved ones and others in Heaven. In this book she will teach you exactly how to do this, whilst de-bunking the many myths surrounding spirit communication, which she considers completely normal and natural.

She will also share her amazing experiences with the 'celebrities' who have shown up to pass on messages from the 'other side', and what humanity can learn from them.

There are also huge teachings about relationships in this book - relationships with yourself, relationships with others and relationships with the Spirit world.

This book is for you if you want to :

- understand what happens when we die

- know for certain that life does continue after physical death, just in a different form

- reconnect with loved ones who have 'passed on' to feel the warmth of their pure spiritual love. heal your grief, or to settle unfinished business.

- understand the reasons why we are dealt this hand in life , and know the bigger soul picture behind it.

- learn practical ways to open your heart to love to heal your life, your emotions and your body,

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