We Are All Eternal Beings, Forever Connected!

Jane Dawson had a massive Spiritual awakening two decades ago, when her father 'turned up' at the difficult birth of her son, three months after his physical death! This proved to her that love and existence of the human soul are eternal. Not only did that awaken her latent ability to communicate with Spirit, but she felt so much comfort and healing through this experience, that she now has a BIG passion, which is to uplift YOU, bring healing to your heart, and to empower you to live your best and happiest life, with the help of the loving beings in the non physical realms.

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A Message from Jane

First and foremost, I want you to know that you are in safe, knowledgeable and comforting hands, and I invite you to trust me to communicate with those in the non physical (Spirit) on your behalf. You've definitely come to the right place.

For nearly two decades, my work as a successful psychic medium has allowed me the honour and privilege to share powerful messages from Spirit to hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world and walks of life.

During the last few years my work has evolved to encompass the ability to bring massive transformation, healing and inspiration to clients, through communicating with the all knowing, wise beings in the non physical realms. Basically, I Converse with the Universe on clients behalf. Many miraculous occurrences have happened along the way, which defy medical or scientific explanation.

It doesn't seem to be important whether I do this work in person or online, with an individual or large group or audience, as the magic and the miracles still happen. This makes sense, as we are all energy (Spirit) beings having a human experience, therefore it's not essential to have the human body present to allow Spirit to do its work.

Along the way, I've discovered so many incredible ways to bring you the healing, growth, and guidance you've been seeking... and now I'm taking the very best of what I've learned, and I'm bringing it all to you. There is a spiritual solution to all our earthly issues!

I'm very excited to be sharing these powerful spiritual teachings with you and I hope to connect with you very soon.

Love and blessings,


March 2022

4-6 March, Psychic Weekend, Craig-y-don Hotel, Blackpool (FULL)

11-13 March, Psychic Weekend, Queens Hotel, Blackpool (Alpha Travel)

19 March "Hello from Heaven", Burgh Halls, Dunoon

April 2022

1-15 April, Florida USA, details to follow

22-24 April, Psychic Weekend, Breaks2go, Hotel TBA, Blackpool

May 2022

18-22 May, Amsterdam

27-29 May, Psychic Weekend, Breaks2go, Hotel TBA, Blackpool

June 2022

1 June, Prestwick Spiritualist Church

9 June, Love & Light Healing Centre, Kilmarnock

24-26 June, Psychic Weekend, Breaks2go, Hotel TBA, Blackpool

Hello from Heaven!

Burgh Halls,


19 March 2022
Book here

Book here

Psychic Weekend

Craigydon Hotel, Blackpool

4-6 March 2022
book with Breaks2go

Psychic Weekend

Queens Hotel, Blackpool

11-13 March 2022 book with Alpha Travel

Luxe Psychic Night, Wee Taits Glasgow

26 February 2022
Floor show, Prosecco, Food, Cocktails

Love & Light Centre, Kilmarnock

Demonstration of Mediumship

Psychic Weekend
Selbourne Hotel, Dunoon

28-30 October 2022 book with Urquhart Travel

Four week FAST transformation programme to find your forever love

Find Real Love Now!

Do you ever wonder if your heart is really open to love ?

Maybe your heart still feels bruised and painful from the loss of past loves., and you're scared to love again for fear of more hurt.

Or worse still, your heart has a ‘closed’ sign to potential new love and the possibility of meeting that special person who could make your life complete?

Or maybe you believe that you're too old to find love, that its passed you by.

Or perhaps you feel too fat, too thin, too intelligent, not intelligent enough, too beautiful or not pretty enough , too masculine, too trusting, too skeptical or any other number of reasons. You get the idea, you have self limiting beliefs.

Well I have great news for you! 

You don’t have to let fear or negative thoughts rob you of meeting your special soulmate 

There are methods we can use to finally heal your past love losses, address your false beliefs and change your negative perceptions towards finding new love 

Once that happens your path will be clear for you to move joyfully toward your heart's desire, finding real, lasting love. And that's when the magic really happens!

Jane's Book

Currently being Updated

Jane Book

Jane Dawson's world was turned upside down when her much loved father died of cancer during her pregnancy with her youngest child.

However three months later, during the birth of her son, Jane's father showed up to assure her that all was well and to prove that he was still very much alive ... .in another dimension.

Since that incredible meeting of spirits - Jane in this world, her father in another and her unborn son between the two, Jane has been able to see into people's souls and to connect with their loved ones who've passed, their personal spirit helpers and Angels.

Now an internationally loved Spirit Communicator, speaker and teacher, Jane has discovered a little known truth - that we are all able to communicate with our loved ones and others in Heaven. In this book she will teach you exactly how to do this, whilst de-bunking the many myths surrounding spirit communication, which she considers completely normal and natural.

She will also share her amazing experiences with the 'celebrities' who have shown up to pass on messages from the 'other side', and what humanity can learn from them.

There are also huge teachings about relationships in this book - relationships with yourself, relationships with others and relationships with the Spirit world.

This book is for you if you want to :

- understand what happens when we die

- know for certain that life does continue after physical death, just in a different form

- reconnect with loved ones who have 'passed on' to feel the warmth of their pure spiritual love. heal your grief, or to settle unfinished business.

- understand the reasons why we are dealt this hand in life , and know the bigger soul picture behind it.

- learn practical ways to open your heart to love to heal your life, your emotions and your body,

Coming Soon!

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  • Reconnect with the Real You
    Discover how to re-connect with your intuitive self, your amazing inner guidance system.
  • Discover that life is eternal
    Find out how to connect with loved ones who’ve passed over, and
  • Heal from Grief and Anxiety
    Heal your grief and discover natural ways to lift anxiety and depression.
  • Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides, who can assist you in every aspect of life.
  • Learn to meditate simply and effectively, which has many proven benefits for mind and body.
  • Heal yourself in mind, body and Spirit.
  • Be empowered to live a happier, more abundant and fulfilled life
  • Learn how to create miracles in your life and manifest anything you desire..
  • mprove relationships, including the most important one.. with yourself!

Personal Consultations

Following the extraordinary soul to soul meeting with her recently deceased father, moments before the birth of her son, Jane has been able to access the innate wisdom of the non physical or Spirt realms.

Jane translates the vibrations of the non physical beings who wish to assist you throughout your Earthly journey. Together we will provide you with a plan to inspire, heal and transform your entire life or any particular aspect you wish to focus on.

I Need a Miracle!

During this session you will receive Intensive guidance and healing work with the appropriate Spirit beings who come forward to assist you. It’s likely you may receive a plan or program to follow, which you MUST be willing to do, in order to allow the maximum opportunity for your miracle to occur . You can ask for a miracle in any area of life, no miracle is impossible to achieve, unfortunately neither can any be guaranteed. So much depends on you following our program and guidance.

Length as long as required

Cost £150


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I Need A Miracle!

Converse with the Universe

Jane communicates with your soul energy, and any other spiritual beings who wish to bring you guidance, love, healing or comfort. Jane will advise you how to prepare for your session to get the best from it. You may ask any questions you wish, but normally clients find that their questions are answered early in the session.

Lasts up to an hour, costs £90.


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Personal Consultation (Converse with the Universe)