Personal Consultations

Following the extraordinary soul to soul meeting with her recently deceased father, moments before the birth of her son, Jane has been able to access the innate wisdom of the non physical or Spirt realms.

Jane translates the vibrations of the non physical beings who wish to assist you throughout your Earthly journey. Together we will provide you with a plan to inspire, heal and transform your entire life or any particular aspect you wish to focus on.

I Need a Miracle!

During this session you will receive Intensive guidance and healing work with the appropriate Spirit beings who come forward to assist you. It’s likely you may receive a plan or program to follow, which you MUST be willing to do, in order to allow the maximum opportunity for your miracle to occur . You can ask for a miracle in any area of life, no miracle is impossible to achieve, unfortunately neither can any be guaranteed. So much depends on you following our program and guidance.

Length as long as required

Cost £150


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I Need A Miracle!

Converse with the Universe

Jane communicates with your soul energy, and any other spiritual beings who wish to bring you guidance, love, healing or comfort. Jane will advise you how to prepare for your session to get the best from it. You may ask any questions you wish, but normally clients find that their questions are answered early in the session.

Lasts up to an hour, costs £90.


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Personal Consultation (Converse with the Universe)